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Nordic Youth Media Days

2020 Copenhagen

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This year

we ask:


How to stay relevant as a journalist?

It is old news that the media landscape has changed dramatically with the rise of the internet, and that editors at traditional media are firing staff due to decreasing sales. Trust in the work of journalists and media makers remain low, and at the same time other communicators such as citizen journalists, bloggers and debaters make their voices heard in the public debate.  

Did journalists lose the connection to their audience? Which tasks can we say are especially journalistic and what contributions do they make - to democracy, transparency and public knowledge? At this seminar we come together to explore the changing role of the reporter through debates and practical workshops with case simulations.


Save the date!

6th - 11th of October 2020

During this year's seminar in Copenhagen, we delve into subjects such as; Storytelling and narrative techniques - fake information and objectivity – boundary work and the roles of other media makers - constructive reporting and communities - and much more!

This year's call for participants has been closed, and participants have been selected. Make sure to follow our channels to be notified of next year's call for participants.


Participation in Nordic Youth Media Days is all about media, new friends and Nordic exchange.

The seminar has already been held in Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and now for the second time in Copenhagen.



  • Deadline and process: Apply no later than 15. January by midnight. You will be notified on the result of your application by 5. February and then asked to confirm your participation, go over our info pack + book your train/flight tickets to and from Copenhagen.

  • Who?: Media makers and storytellers from Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden under the age of 30. We aim for diversity, and the program is open to everyone, who fulfills the age conditions. We select 10 participants from each country.

  • Expenses: Food, accommodation and transport during the seminar is all covered by Nordic Press Association funds. You will receive reimburse-ments for the tickets shortly after the seminar.

  • Expectations: We expect participants to come to the seminar with an open mind, a drive for discussion and a willingness to embrace diversity in both people and opinions. The point is to have constructive debates and learn from the process together. Therefore, it is important to go all in on the workshops, help your teammates and bring a positive attitude.



+ Hands on workshop


+ Hands on workshop


+ Hands on workshop


Henk Van Ess (read more)

Mr. Van Ess is a pioneer in web search and social media verification and is obsessed by finding stories in (big) data.

Member of the Bellingcat team and a Bellingcat workshop trainer. He is an assessor of Poynter's International Fact-Checking Network.

Jakob Fälling (read more)

Mr. Fälling considers drawning and storytelling as one of the many answers to the challenges in journalism.

Cand.scient.soc, freelance journalist and writer. Author to several books and writer for Euroman. See his journalistic illustrations on Instagram: @jakob.falling

Søren Schultz Jørgensen (read more)

Mr. Jørgensen has done tons of research in the media industry and recently narrowed down teen recommendations to make journalists stay relevant.

Journalist, media commentator and ph.d. in media sociology. Author of 'Den Journalistiske Forbindelse'. 

The Local
Sweden (read more)

Engaged journalism is something the multinational media The Local has worked with. The editorial team behind the Swedish department, Emma Löfgren and Catherine Edwards, will give a presentation of the genre and their experience with engaged journalism under the covid-19 crisis.

Graversen (read more)

Ms. Graversen is examining how media can help both the marginalised neighborhoods and the surrounding society participate in a democratic constructive debate.

Journalist at Danish newspaper Berlingske and fellow at The Constructive Institute.

Katrine Pedersen (read more)

Ms. Pedersen is an expert in digital culture. She has her roots in Silicon Valley, and since 2012 she has written three books on the digital revolution, the human, the society, and the dark side of this development. Since 2017 she has led the teaching and dissemination-department of ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. In this talk she will focus on social media.

This year's debate

In this debate we will ask new communicators, how they use their voice to maintain a connection to an audience, about ethical dilemmas, social bobbles, and how they balance their subjectivity with objectivity. In the debate the following will participate:


Journalist Amalie Langballe, best known for her 2019-publication ”Forsvindingsnumre” on loosing a relative and sorrow, where she uses her own experience.


Body- and fatactivist Tyrannosaurus_regs – also known as Regina – who is using Instagram to promote bodypositivism.


Blogger and influencer Frejamay November on everyday life, being a mom, bodypositivism and sustainable shopping. Also she is a boarder member of the Influencer and Blogger association in the Danish Union of Journalists.



Stockholm 2019: 
More than one story

During a five day seminar, 50 young media makers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark gathered in Stockholm with the aim to challenge and broaden the current media image of migration, by lifting a diversity of voices that are not represented in media today.

Check out #NYMD2019

and learn more here.

Helsinki 2018: Activate journalism

With the theme Activate Journalism, we brought together young media makers from the Nordic countries to learn skills in mobile journalism, produce mobile journalism pieces in international groups and to learn new ways of activating audiences to take a stance.

Check out #NYMD2018

and learn more here.

About Nordic Press Association

NPA gives young journalists opportunities for training and learning with Nordic peers. The NPA is an association amongst Nordic youth media organisations.

In Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland young journalists’ non-profit organizations have emerged to provide education and platforms for exchange for young journalists, filmmakers and writers. Young media makers have a very hard time gaining the crucial professional experience they needin order to produce balanced, accurate and ethical reporting. Up to this day there are little to no opportunities for young media makers from the region to come together for training, intercultural dialogue with their peers from other Nordic countries or for publishing their stories as part of a wider Nordic discussion framework. Moreover, the topic of freedom of expression has become a very burning one in the wake of hate speech and restrictions to press freedom in Europe. This is the very core of NPA; giving young media makers the opportunity to gain the crucial experience they need by giving them an international media platform that strives to create the best circumstances for young aspiring Nordic journalist and to empower them to advocate for their rights.

About NPA

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