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First speaker ready: Narratives can save journalism

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The 2020 seminar in Copenhagen is approaching. This year the seminar asks, how journalists can stay relevant in times, where everyone can spread any type of information everywhere.

Line Vaaben, a Danish pioneer in narrative storytelling, believes that in times of information overload, narratives are more needed than ever. It should be considered one of the answers to journalism’s many challenges.

Vaaben is going to take us into her narrative universe and challenge participants with hands-on experience.

She was recently nominated for the Cavling award, the most prestigious Danish journalism award (a Danish Pulitzer Prize equivalent), for her work at the newspaper Information. In addition to this, she spent a half year as a fellow on University of Southern Denmark doing research on how to do narrative journalism best – knowledge she is going to bring into our classroom. Her fellowship work is published in the book “Fortællingernes tid - Styrken i fortællende journalistik” (The time of narratives - the strength of narrative journalism, red.).

We are very excited about having Line Vaaben attend our seminar, which will definitely strengthen our skills in communication in ways that better resonate with audiences. Would you like to participate? Deadline is in 8 days!

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