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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The Nordic Youth Media Days are going live in a few days, and we are now ready to share a very interesting program for all participants - and in some cases also everyone else.

The seminar has moved online which means that we can still share and discuss new thoughts on journalism, even though the Coronavirus has made the physical meeting impossible.

Some events are open to the public and can be watched on our Facebook page. Read more about the program here:


9-10: Welcome by organizers

10-11.30: The Future of Journalism

Søren Schultz Jørgensen. Journalist, media commentator and ph.d. in media sociology. He has done tons of research in the media industry and recently narrowed down ten recommendations to make journalists stay relevant.

14-17: Verification & geolocation

Henk Van Ess, assessor of Poynter's International Fact-Checking Network, is a pioneer in web search and social media verification. The ex-Bellingcat trainer is obsessed with finding stories in (big) data.


9-12: Drawing and Narrative Journalism

Jakob Fälling. Cand.scient.soc, freelance journalist and author of several books. He considers drawing and storytelling as some of the many answers to the challenges in journalism.

12.30-13.30: Digital culture and algorithms (Public)

Katrine Pedersen. Expert in digital culture, head of education and mediation at ARKEN and writer. She is an expert in digital culture and have written several books on the digital revolution and the power of algorithms.

14-15: Debate: The new digital voices (Public)

Ayse Dudu Tepe, who is something between a journalist, a columnist and an activist. She uses her danish-turkish etchnicity, gender and feelings in her work.

•Regina aka. Tyrannosaurus_regs, body- and fatactivist. Using social media to promote bodypositivism.

•Amalie Langballe, journalist and writer, who often uses her own experience, like in her first book "Forsvindingsnumre".


10-11.30: Engaged journalism (Public)

The editorial team at The Local Sweden, Emma Löfgren and Catherine Edwards, has been working with engaged journalism before and under the covid-19 crisis. The Local is a multi-national media organization with the largest English-languaged new network in Europe.

12.30-14.30: Constructive journalism

Mathilde Graversen, journalist at Danish newspaper Berlingske and fellow at The Constructive Institute. She is examining how media can help both the marginalised neighborhoods and the surrounding society participate in a democratic constructive debate.

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