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Verification wizard joins NYMD2020-program

This year's seminar participants have now booked their transportation for Copenhagen. And we are doing our last preparations to give them the best NYMD-experince, when they arrive in mid-April. At the same time, we are also very excited about our newest addition to the seminar program.

This year we are asking how to stay relevant as a journalist. And in a world of fake news and misinformation, it should come as no surprise, that we booked one of the finest fact-checking experts out there.

Henk Van Ess is a Dutch journalist and pioneer in web search and social media verification. He is obsessed by finding stories in (big) data. So such an extent, that top-notch investigative reporters are flocking his workshop all over the world, and soon this year's participants will be taking the best advices from him as well. In April, Van Ess will kick of our week in Copenhagen with a hands-on workshop in fact-checking and maybe tell a story or two about his work with the respected Bellingcat-research group.

So participants, please pack your magnifying glasses for April!

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